Problems with youtube streaming (constant buffering)


Apr 20, 2012
Hello all,

New user here so apologies if this has been asked before or if I'm not in the right category.

Couple of days ago I bought an Asus Eee Pad Transformer with a docking station. Very happy with it except for the way it streams youtube videos on WiFi. It buffers every 2-3 minutes for more than a minute. Really annoying, and I have this problem with both the app and when streaming from the browser.

I have an old iPhone 3G that uses the same Wifi connection when streaming youtube and it's seamless, no problems at all, even though it has much inferior hardware. This defintely rules out the connectivity problem too.

I would really appreciate any help that you could offer. I have the latest adobe flash player, updated that YouTube app to its latest version, so I know older software is certainly not the issue either (also cleaned up the cache of each app etc.).

Thanks very much in advance!
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Welcome to the forum!

Which browser are you using?

I usually use ICS Browser+ or Dolphin Browser HD and rarely have streaming issues unless my internet is slow.

You could also run a speedtest (use the app) on both your iPhone and TF and see if they are comparable or if your TF is having WiFi issues.
Hi Frederuco and thanks very much for the reply!

I've started using Dolphin for my general browsing needs and Browser for watching youtube videos.

It's just that the latter is so much more convenient by using the dedicated YouTube app, but it intermittenly buffers throughout the video for no reason, the buffering can go on for as long as 2 minutes and it can happen several times throughout a 6-7 minute video.

It got me really frustrated as I otherwise have no issues with my internet, my iPhone and the Browser (well mostly anyway) load up the videos fine.

Thanks for the speedtest suggestion, I'll definitely do that to see what the results are and post them if they differ between the two devices.

I'd like to think that the TF doesn't have any WiFi issues, browsing pages is mostly seamless, occasionally I get 'hangs' for 2-3 seconds during which no packets are sent or received (I assume some internal processing is going on, even though the progress bar isn't moving), but otherwise things on that front seem fine.

I might be looking into a bit more than it's necessary and probably it's all alright but this damned youtube app really got me suspicious that something might be wrong with the tablet (bought it barely a week ago and it cost me pretty dearly).

Again thanks very much!