Question for Xaueious


Nov 29, 2010
Xaueious - very much appreciate your insight

I just bought the New G10 Haipad M701 Android 2.1 Tablet from Euogo. I was very concerned about getting a cheaply made knockoff so I bought from this site based on your recommendation. The description of this item on their site goes into great detail about how this can be distinguished from the cheaper "copycat" M701's and that the units ordered after 11/26 include some upgrades (HDMI & 4G) over the earlier model. How confident should I be that this is a "quality made original"? In the reviews of the item on Euogo, it says that the unit will be upgradeable to 2.2 in the near future. I have been researching and decided on this item for my wife's Christmas present. She mainly wants to use it for email, a few games, internet usage, Pandora, e-reader and other basic stuff. I included the 8G memory card for a total of approx $200. Do you think this was a solid choice that will last for a reasonable amount of time (quality & functionality)? If you think there is a better choice for the money spent and expected usage, what would it be? I may be able to cancel order if so. Thanks in advance for your response and your insight on these android tablets which is a great help to many of us that are starting to get more confused the more we read about them.​


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Jul 9, 2010
I have a hard time distinguish between quality products myself, so I can't really help you with that. But I think $200 isn't a terrible price to pay for this. I would recommend buying local in case any issues come up. If you are American, it makes a lot more sense to get a Coby tablet or Archos tablet locally so you can be confident of repairs, support and returns. All I can tell you at this point is, good luck with your purchase.