Ready to buy from PandaWill, which should I choose?


Aug 30, 2010
Hey guys!

First question; Pandawill seems like a trustworthy place to buy from, is it?

Now, on to which ones I'm choosing between.

I'm leaning towards a Haipad M701-R.

As far as I'm concerned, the Haipad M701-R and the Gpad G10 are basiclly the same plate, but what are the major differences?

Haipad M701-R $159.99
Gpad G10 Upgraded $159.99

And last, this Gpad G10 seems like the same as above, but it cost $6 more?!

Gpad G10 Upgraded $165.99

Basiclly, I want a slate that's able to run Android 2.2 smoothly (which I'm pretty sure these ones can), and I really need MULTI-TOUCH, does these have that?
And of course, a working android market, and to watch videos in 720P.

I would love the hear your guys opinion on this!!!

If by running Android 2.2 smoothly, you mean Adobe Flash, none of these will.

However, this platform has the best video capability in the market for any Android device.
I ended up buying a G10.

I realized that I would never use the HDMI port on the M701-R, which at the beginning was the one I was going for.
even, I had ordered G10 from Pandawill on yesterday, and eagerly waiting for this. This G10 seems to a good value for money and PandaWill has good support for these devices.
I just clicked the link. G10(free shipping), one is 147.99, another is USD155.99.. It seems that G10 is more popular than haipad, you can go their forum, there are a lot of customers discussing products reviews, videos, product questions and problems.
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