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Oct 5, 2010
I recently acquired an Augen Gentouch 78 and it's an ok entry level tablet, but I think I want some of the features that were removed or hobbled so I'm considering ordering something (hopefully) a little better. I first looked at the Dawa D7, but I don't think it has a camera, but I did find a non-name one with a camera at dealextreme.com (possibly the "Surfrider"?), but I'm not sure I WANT another device that is a more feature-rich version of what I have, because the Augen Gentouch is pretty low quality imo.

I've narrowed it down to the Haipad G10/Haipad M701-R/Haipad M701R/Gpad G10/APAD E7002 (which I believe are all essentially the same device, right?). This would be the "new" version with HDMI instead of a second USB port. Is one "brand" more desirable than another? For example, does one of those companies support their device better than the others?

I've never ordered something from overseas like this before, but have found the tablet in stock at Merimobiles.com and Euogo.com.

There is another very similar featured tablet called the "NuPad" at Pandawill.com, though it says it has an "ARM V6L 720Mhz ARM 11" processor rather than the "Telechips TCC8902 ARM11 800MHz CPU" - I'm under the impression the Telechips is preferable?

The main features I'm looking for are (in order of importance):
* Android 2.1
* "Multi-touch" (2-point resistive multi-touch is fine)
* USB with Host support so I can connect a USB flash drive
* Accelerometer/g-sensor (3+axis rotation)
* 3D Hardware Accelerated graphics
* Working Android Market
* Microphone & Camera
* HDMI output (or any video out would be nice)
* 7" screen size (I've found this the most comfortable to use)

Any help/advice you can give to help me pull the trigger on an order will be much appreciated!
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I dont know why you would bother with any of those devices at this point. Your Gentouch78 has about as much, or more functionality then they do. Wait and by the end of November you will have better choices. With an Arm11 processor you will never have a complete Android 2.2 experience (FLASH 10.1), so wait for the new tablets.

@cpg716 - The Gentouch 78 is severely hobbled imo. No mic, no camera, no USB host, no functional g-sensor, no functional 3D graphics, no multi-touch (not even 2-point), no Android Market access (at least not without rooting the device), I can't transfer files TO it via USB data cable. For the same money I could get the Dawa D7 or no-name one that HAS all those features. Why bother? Well, I'm taking a class and we're going to get into Android app development and it will be easier to work outside the class if I have an Android device, particularly one that actually has the common features (like g-sensor, mic, camera). Class also runs to mid December, so releases at the end of November are a little late and I'm realizing the Gentouch I have is inadequate for my purposes for the aforementioned reasons. I agree it would be better to wait, if you can.

@Fergust - It looks interesting for the money for sure, but why isn't it shown on the Eken website? Especially if they've actually abandoned the VIA MW8505 for a Rockchip 2808 capable of running Android 2.1? Also, it must be dog slow with only a 600 MHz CPU and 128 MB of memory - not much you can do about the processor, but can you upgrade the memory to 256 MB or 512 MB?
I also have been looking at the FlatPad A10 / Zenithink ZT-180. The specs look a little faster than the M006, and it seems I can purchase either the A10 or ZT-180 in the United States (I'm very nervous about sending any money to companies in China). I can live without a built-in webcam so long as the USB host allows me to connect a camera to it (which would probably be higher quality than the ones they put in these low-end tablets anyway).

The thing I'm not sure of is the 10" size. The one thing I liked about the Gentouch 78 is the 7" screen size - it's easy to hold in one hand, the Android apps don't get blown up too much bigger than they would be on the largest screen smart phones, but many have to look terrible on a 10" screen. The only real advantages I see to the larger screen are for watching videos or using the tablet for presentations, but I'm not convinced I'd like to lug it around with me everywhere. Whereas the 7" size is still easy to slip into my purse, and light enough to carry all day (the Gentouch is only 12 grams, most of these 10" tablets are around 50 times heavier).

I'm still leaning heavily toward the aforementioned Gpad/G10/etc.,etc., as it seems to have everything I want (yes, Android 2.2 would be nice, a capacitive screen would be even nicer, but then I'd be looking at ~$400 from what I've seen).

Ack! But what to buy?! WHERE to buy?!