Remove shortcut from home screen


Jan 1, 2011
Hi guys,

I'm in the process of familiarisation with my new 7' epad.
From the informaton provided in this forum, I believe it may be an M002 or equivalent.
Unfortunately, during my explorations I must have held the email icon down for too long and now I have two email icons on my desktop.
Can you please outline the procedure involved to remove the email shortcut from the home screen?
I did something similar - unfortunately there does not appear to be a trash can on the home screen to drag it into!
Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.
Much appreciate your reply, however no trash bin, and no main menu tab - Hmm, I guess my assessment of the tablet model must be wrong.
My main screen consists of a collection of the following icons:
My Video, My Music, My Photo, Magic Album, Youtube, File Browser, WiFi Settings, App Market, Picture Capture, ADSL Settings, Gravity Sensor, 3G Settings and Ethernet. (And the previously mentioned Email shortcut)
The remaining icons along the bottom are:
Email, Browser, Settings< Contacts and Calendar. The 'home' button activates the screen.
Still unsure as to the procedure to remove shortcuts from the main screen.
Any ideas?
Hold on the icon until you can drag it around. Then drag it to the bottom of the screen and it should turn red. Release the icon and android will flush it down the bit bucket.
Thanks l-n
This unwanted shortcut has got to be THE most persistent thing I've ever encountered!
No matter what area of the screen's edge I drag the offending icon to, IT JUST KEEPS BOUNCING BACK!
I could just get used having two email icons on the home page, but my curiousity has been raised.
Any other suggestions?
If you touch the icon that you want to remove for a couple of seconds it will begin to 'hover' above the desktop. At the same time a red trash can will appear where the 'slide out' arrow is on the screen, (on mine in landscape or game mode, this is on the extreme right). Simply drag the 'hovering' icon that you want to delete over to the trash can and release it when above the can; it will now be deleted!