Rooted Nook Settings Question


Jan 20, 2011

Got a nook color today and rooted it via instructions from a youtube video linked from an article i found on these forums. Everything seems to have gone well except for one thing. When i try to access the android options interface i get sent to the nook settings page.

Im trying to access the Manage applications sub menus but the nook settings obviously don't have an option to manage applications.

Any ideas on how i can remedy this or is this just how it is?

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Use Nook Color Tools, click on All Settings, and you'll be able to get to the Manage Applications menu.

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For whatever reason, the autonooter file i used didn't come with nook tools, but i finally found a workaround for installing the apk with root explorer thanks to these forums! I think my pg optimus is going to start feeling neglected!

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