screen locked on a KYROS MID7012


Jan 13, 2012
I have a COBY KYROS MID7012 tablet. the last APP I downloaded and installed on my tablet was KID MODE from ZOODLES. I was not able to complete registration after I first opened it, but ever since I installed and opened the program I have not been able to unlock the screen. I can turn on/off the device with a manual off-screen button but I am not able to select anything on the screen or use the touch screen at all. I have tried rebooting and pressed the RESET button on the tablet several times.

By trying different things I figured out:

1. holding the Menu button during start up takes me to safe mode, but screen is still locked.
2. holding the power and home buttons take me to a "enter FWDN mode", but I don't know what this does and after I get out by reseting the device the screen is still locked.
3. The only way I can get to the main screen is by connecting device to a PC and then using the home button, but the screen remains locked.
4. holding the return button gives me the HARD factory reset option, but even that did not unlock the screen.

can anyone recommend any steps to unlock the screen?

is it possible that the screen stopped working altogether, after only one week of use?



Senior Member
Sep 12, 2011
I don't think a program would break the touchscreen, looks more like a hardware failure.

Anyway, to be sure, you need to restore a known working firmware to test it. There isn't an official firmware, but I think someone was working on a custom one. Either this or use fastboot to do a factory reset. Look for more info elsewhere in the forum, or maybe someone with a 7012 that knows how to do it will chime in...


Feb 24, 2012
I just had this problem. The touch response stopped for no reason. I couldn't even power off. So I connected a mouse to the usb port. Press and held the power button, used the mouse to click Power Off, and then OK. When I powered on again, the touch response was fine.