Should I?


Jan 4, 2011
I'm considering an android tablet but wonder if I might be better off with a pctablet? I have a peer to peer network; Most of the network consists of (outmoded) hardware I use for backups and the convenient physical locations. My intended use of an Android tablet would consist simply as an ebook reader that is small enough to carry around, and read while it's in my lap. I would like something that will connect to the internet through my present broadband connection, but need something that will connect to my router via wireless (not ethernet or usb) and run epub and pdf format publications from a desktop machine. That sounds likely but brings up some questions. 1. Will I have a problem connecting to my present internet connection and network? 2. I need very good resolution because of a minor vision problem (hi def not necessary) Videos will not be run. 3. I have two databases on my network, genealogy with 29,000 individuals (Legacy), and a book catalog of over 1000 publications (Open Office). Are there compatible apps in Android that I can transfer and update these to.
I'm not asking for specific answers without detailed descriptions of existing software, but I'm open to experimentation and like the idea of touch screen, and want to eliminate a USB connection, mouse and discrete keyboard, and still have data available on it even without expecting much in the way of editing on the tablet. Will go with price to get something I'll like and can use for a decent length of time from my router. Should I shelve this whole idea and wait for all those (expected) improvements in tablet hardware? I have heard that Sharp has a new one coming out that might be a decent ebook reader and also do the extras I want?