So confused! :(


Nov 30, 2010
Hi there,
I live in the UK and I'm looking at android tablets, I want one purely for internet browsing and a few apps/games such as kik and angry birds.
it's to replace my ageing laptop :p

now I know that 2.2 is the only OS that supports flash 10.1 atm and I've seen a few cheap tablets offering this such as:
10.2" Android 2.2 Tablet PC Telechip Free Delivery on eBid United Kingdom

but are these any good?
if not what (cheap) tablets can you recommend as there are so many on sale they are confusing me! :(

all help is greatly appreciated.



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Jun 30, 2010
If you want "cheap" then theres nothing to complain about with the tablet you posted a link to. If your trying to get a galaxy tab type tablet for 160 bucks then thats not going to happen. but a lot of the cheap tablets work great and get the job done.


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Sep 24, 2010
Steve - There is a huge difference between the tablets, their capabilities and their hardware. You need to provide a little more info on pricing, but they seem to fall into 3 categories:
1 - Under $150 (USD) - these are basically eReaders with some added functionality
2 - Between $150 and $500 (USD) - as you go up in price you get more, but in this range you can usually find ones with Snapdragon processors or capacitive screens (or even a few with both). Good machines, but you have to research carefully and decide what features are most important
3 - Over $500 - These are capacitive screen devices with major vendor support and Froyo already deployed or coming very soon

My recommendations: the Huawei S7 if you want a Category 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab if you want a Category 3

Hope this helps!