Soft Buttons - Pro or Con?


Apr 11, 2011
I don't know how anyone else feels about the soft buttons on the 7024, but I find them to be way too sensitive, and somewhat redundant. The only soft buttons I regularly use is the "M" menu button and the "back" button. The rest I can do without since I can get to a search engine or browser from the touch screen. Of course the "home" key being a real key, is fine where it is. I keep hitting the bottom soft key by accident when holding the tablet.
Has anyone found a way to turn the soft buttons off? Maybe there is a way to change the sensitivity of the buttons somewhere in the firmware?
I realize that this is a small inconvience, and I will learn to hold the tablet diffetently so I don't hit the button(s), but it would be real nice if they could be controlled somehow.
I have gotten used to them and use them quit a bit now.
My four year old hates them. Keeps hitting search in the middle of his game.

I do catch myself trying to push them wit the stylus a lot though.
A screen you almost need a stylus for and buttons you can't use one on. :(
The on screen launcher buttons can be changed to any app. Somewhere in the belly of this beast has got to be a setting that can change the sensitivity of the buttons. My biggest concern would be that the option may only be on/off. I've been looking into the setup and init files but have not had much luck yet.
I hope Coby launch an update to solve this. I think it's the only thing hate from this tablet.

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I figured out how to disable the soft buttons. You need to use ADB to pull /system/usr/keylayout/qwerty.kl , open it in wordpad and comment out ( put a #) in front of the key you want to disable.

So search would look like this normally:


You need to make it look like this:


To disable the browser key, you just do the same to key 48.

After you have edited and saved your qwerty.kl file you need to use ADB to push it back to your tablet. Power your tablet down, turn it back on you are done.

TADA! No more hitting the badly placed search or browser buttons on accident!
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