SOS! Bricked my S7!!!!Please help!


Dec 7, 2010
Tried to reset my S7. Followed PBrauer's instructions to the letter. I use this image:S7V1....C60B011. After inserting the microsd the screen showed a white line and small red lines began to appear...and then BLACK screen!
Removed the SD and it showed the following in the dload directory:
UPDATA.APP (186,503 kb.), unlmt.cfg (0 kb), upg.log( says: SD download log*** no module exists..!!!)
I am desperate. No buttons work. Cannot connect via usb. If this friendly site cannot help me I am lost!!!!
Dont panic. You have done it right. Get a new download of that file and try again.

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Did you remove the batery?
Do it and you will be good.

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Thanks for the quick response. Yes, removed battery, removed SD, reinserted battery and tried to power on. Tried w/o battery,only power cord, Nothing!.
Got another SD, formatted FAT 32 by windows, copied same files. Inserted. Nothing. My little friend seems dead as a doornail. Are there any combinations of button pushes that might awaken him?
Please, kind souls, is there any hope?
please try a different download of the firmware. As long as you can power up there is hope.
If you can't power on then try update mode and flash the rom using the update utility. There is a thread here with a link to the utility and instructions on how to use it. Good luck!

Definitely download the rom again, sounds like the one you have is corrupted.

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Thank you both. I cannot power up. Buttons for safe boot do not work. I cannot find the thread to update mode. I would very much appreciate it if you will please show me where to find it. Thanks.
In the Huawei S7 Useful Tweaks and Tips sticky thread......

How to Reflash your Tablet
1. Put S7 into update mode by (when powered off, hold down SEND key and BACK key and press power on, the white horizontal line will show)

2. download update tool and firmware from Huawei S7 firmware
(the update tool will look for the .app and .xml file, respectively)

download and install the driver for your version of PC (will need or the update tool will not proceed)

3. Connect your S7 using USB to your PC and follow the instruction on screen and flash
@arquerio: As I said in my first post, this is what I did exactly.
@cbinks: No white line when powering on with the SEND and BACK keys held down.
Thanks anyway. Anybody want to buy a bricked S7?
if you have a search on the forum I had the same issue.
My S7 was dead. Was updating to the same firmware as you.

Absolutely nothing I could do. I got mine replaced at the point of purchase as there was no physical damage and no evidence I had caused the problem as it completely refused to power on.

I don't like your chances personally. I tried everything. The problem is that the device refuses to power on at all. This means you can't reflash or boot into recovery or fastboot.

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@Claian, thanks for the sympathy. I bought mine when I was in the US at Best Buy. I live far away with no Huawei support so I guess I just will have to bear the loss. Let this be a warning to other risk takers. In spite of the optimistic words of hackers, Caveat Emptor!