stuck on Starting Download???


Oct 6, 2010
Hi , I'm brand new to this forum and Tablet PC's
I bought a iMiTO iM7 from Hong Kong. The tablet itself works great, however
there seems to be a glitch with Google and the Android Marketplace.
It came with Android 2.1 loaded.
At first I had no issues when downloading from Marketplace. After a while however It gets stuck on Starting download. Did some research did a Factory
reset. Same thing happens able to download for a while then again stuck
on starting Dowload. I have deleted Gmail account signed up for new Google account, but no matter what I do It gets stuck on Starting Dowload.
Please help.. hopefully someone has had this same issue and figured it out.
I would really appreciate any help.
It seems that you Android tablet's hardware can't support the new version. Pls check the RAM, harddisk,and configuration of OS to ensure there is a working environment for downloading the new software.
Thanks Didn't realize I could do that outside the Marketplace.
I found plenty of apps I downloaded to a SD Card and plan on trying them out.
Really appreciate the help

Thanks however I think my Tablet PC although a cheap version, Hardware is able to support it. At least I think it does
It has
a Telechips TCC8902-800MHZ -256 DDR2 upgradeable to 512 has 2G Internal storage and can be upgraded to 32G with a 32g SD card. I currently have a 4G
SD Card.
Is This sufficient ?
@naturenuts, I have the exact same tablet...iMito iM7-Android 2.1 Tablet PC-MID-7"TFT Touch Screen-Telechips TCC8902-800MHZ-256 DDR2-2G-Wifi-Camera(SMQ5774)
were you able to fix the marketplace problem? I am having the exact same problem, I did the workaround by side loading apps and that works fine, its just that there are some apps I can only find at the marketplace...would be nice to get it to work like it should...