Tablet/Slate Recommendations


Jul 19, 2010
hi all,

I have been looking around for several months now for an Andriid tablet. Both my girlfriend and I are researching, but have been unable to find a one that we are confident with.

Basically we just want a tablet that can be used to surf internet, watch some non-hd videos and run simple applications such as 2D games and word processing. We also wish to use kindle for android which needs at android 1.6 or above.

Can anyone suggest any tablets that fit my requirements. Looking at spending less than 200 USD. Size doesnt really concern concern us.

Thanks for any help.

well i was going to tell you to wait tell some higher class tablets come out but then i saw the price range and for that your going to be limited on what you get but the good news is there are tablets out there that will do all that you want so i recommend looking at Best Deals on Android Tablet,Tablet PC,Smartphones,Apple Accessories,Cool Gadgets & more from Hong Kong China they have some great tablets in that price range and will answer any questions you may have but i do recommend staying away from super cheap tablets because you really can tell a difference
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If you want to be confident, either get an Augen Gentouch if you can find out, or pay for a Dell Streak.

Otherwise I suggest waiting.

The TCC8902 ones aren't bad, but shipping from China is a problem.