Toshiba Launcher for VEGAn-TAB. Totally rocks!

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Sep 24, 2010
This is all courtesy of gojimi over at

Here is the stock Toshiba Home Menu for the FOLIO 100. This has been ported and tested to be working on VEGAn-TAB BETA 5.1 but should also work on other ROMS including probably STOCK. This will not replace the stock launcher it will install as a separate launcher.

One of the nice features of this Home Launcher is the ability to set different default screens to different SSID's of wifi connections. Then have it auto Switch to that screen when on that specific wifi connection. I haven't had a chance to see if it works yet but it should. Also the Toshiba Specific Wallpapers option is not available but all the other wallpaper options are. It does set the wallpaper somewhat zoomed no way around that though.


Install this the same way you would sideload other apps.... copy it to an SD CARD or Directly to the Device and use a File Manager to click on it.


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