Total newbie needs help with MID aPad


Nov 27, 2010
Here are the specs of the one I got:

Product Specification
ARM 9 platfrom, VIA WM8505, 533MHz
Operating System
Google Android 1.6
Storage Device
2GB Flash HDD(standard; optional up to 32GB)
LCD Screen
7" digital panel,Resisitance touch screen, 800*480 pixels
10/100M Ethernet Access WiFi 802.11b/g
soft keyboard
Touch Operation
Full-size touch operation,sliding menus,icons
USB Port
2 x USB port (via the external usb pot)
Card Port
Sound Effect
Build-in stereo speaker,microphone Jacks MIC in & Headphone out
Battery 2400mAH Working time 3hours(standby time 7 hours)
AC adapter, user's manual, extrenal RJ45/USBpot,packing box
Other function
G sensor,1.3 mega pixel camera
Fring,QQ,MSN,Youtube,Google Map,Document to go,Multimedia Player,Email,Es File Explore,Application Store

It arrived with 1.7.1 firmware installed, as far as I can tell. Android market only works with a cache refresh, but then only works for one download and then I have to refresh again. Plus, for some reason, market is showing me mostly chinese apps and only a few U.S. ones that are total junk.

Also - despite the specs written above, the device itself says it's only 128MB RAM and 1GB HDD. It takes a micro-SD card, so I got one, but have no clue how to save stuff to it. It is a total slug... takes forever to do anything on it.

I wrote the guy I bought it from to try and get updated firmware, but he never replied (big surprise.)

I am totally new to all of this. I understand I need to upgrade it, but I have no clue where to even begin. Can someone possibly walk me through it in a "for dummies" way? I don't even know where to get firmware, and everyone's responses to doing upgrades are scary - with bricked machines, etc. Is there a way to just wipe the thing clean and put a new OS on it?

Thanks so much!!

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Aug 6, 2010
My advice is to read through the forum and read the Stickies. Read the VIA forum and general Q and A forum especially. They will help a lot. Unfortunately, you have a low end/low power tablet. This will be very slow and limited in what it can do. Think in terms of motorbikes.
This is like a Vespa scooter and the Samsung tablet which is $400-600USD is like a large Honda motorcycle. You get what you pay for