un-installling apps ?

Is there a hacked no device for the gtab? I tried a hacked no device check, and it played at 10x normal speed, so went back to above version.

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I know you had a smiley and I'm not what anyone would call a fanboy but I really dislike when people use this false dichotomy. I have a GTab that I will have to rebuild and I have an IPAD. Both are fine machines that do things a little differently. A lot of times the one I pick up is decided simply by which is physically closer. For some things, the IPAD is better ( like iannotate, probably the best app available on the ipad) and for others the GTab is better.

Actually if I had not got the IPAD first (it was a gift) I probably would never have bought the Gtab because at the time I was unconvinced that this tablet Fad had any legs. After using the IPAD it became clear how wrong I was.

sorry if this comes off as a rant.
Yeah it sounds like a rant. If you dont want any inconvienence, dont use the GTab that has been modified, stick to your iFad...