Unresponsive to touch on Sylvania 2.1 Tablet


Dec 31, 2010
My boyfriend bought his daughter the Sylvania Android 2.1 Tablet for Christmas. This darn thing was working just fine up until a couple days ago.
Now it won't respond to touch. If it does respond to touch I can slide the screen and go to the browser but I can't get to the menu, settings, etc.
I have tried hard resetting it among other suggestions... but nothing seems to work. Thanks to roommate misunderstanding her box was thrown away and now we can't return it to the store...

Any advice on what to do with this thing?


Dec 31, 2010
A few thing to try ......

Remove all widgets from the desktop.

Upgrade to the latest available version. Simply go to settings->Upgrade System.

It may take a LONG time but let the Upgrade finish. (I'm talking about hours).

If it fails, try rebooting and retrying the upgrade. It took me approx 4 tries and many hours of upgrade attempts. When it finally upgraded, alot of the problems went away. I had the same issues.

I find the stock widgets are crap and not efficient. If they come back after the upgrade, remove them again. You'll notice a difference.

Also .... recalibrate the screen ...... settings-> Touch screen calibrate.

Let us know.

Good luck.