Viewbook 730 and Ziio 10 similarities


Oct 27, 2011
I've had a Viewbook 730 for a few weeks and now I have a Ziio 10. As most will know these tablets are based on the same SOC - the ZMS-08 - and it's a product of Creative's Zii Labs. I got the Ziio 10 because I wanted another platform to compare and see if I could make that VB730 what it should be and same with the Ziio 10.

First off, let me say, other than screen size and a different implementation of the buttons and a slight difference in home screen layout, these tablets are identical. The init.rc files are virtually the same other than the differences in screen size. What also is identical is the same weird file structure.

I followed the Viewbook 730/Ziio 10 root procedure to the letter. The result was the same as it was with the Viewbook. You do get Superuser working and you can run applications like Titanium Backup and you can access and read and write the root directory. But you don't get "full" root (whatever that is???). I'm not sure why applications like SetCPU won't work as you would think they would - but they don't....

I'd really like these 2 tablets to be successful. They are packaged well, they have a complete set of functionality, and even though they are doggy now, I have to believe they can be sped up with a bit of overclocking and some trimming of the rom. I like them out of the box, and now with full google apps and market, they are really nice, but they don't make you stand up and shout.

I will continue to play with these to see if I can get something done, but I'm a rookie and without some help I don't think I can be successful. Creative has provided me Ziio 10 source code and I have requested it of Viewsonic (although they haven't come through yet).

I suppose my goals are:
1. Faster performance
2. Gingerbread and onto Ice Cream Sandwich
3. Get the most "multimedia" experience possible
4. Get my video out on Skype (Skype works and you can see the video from the other end, but no Froyo front cameras work with Skype today)