Viewsonic Viewbook 730

Just another update on Market on the Viewbook 730.
I wanted to use the google voice search and command functions, so I installed everything on the gapps zip file except SetupWizard and the HTCxxxx apps. That gave me google voice search and the commands. For example the Google search widget now has a working microphone so you can just tell it what to search for. You can send messages and things but I've found the addressing to be a pain in the butt, so other than dictating the body of your message, I'd leave the addressing to manual input. But it is pretty cool.

If you haven't figured out yet, google maps will not work with a bluetooth GPS unit - at least I haven't figured it out. My bluetooth GPS does work with Locus Free and any other GPS app where it can select the source of the GPS data. I suspect the problem is the stock firmware lacks GPS support for an internal device which is needed to work with google maps. I will publish a separate thread on GPS in the future.
Hi folks,

Just wanted to tell you that I was looking at the specifications for the ViewBook 730 and they look very similar to Creative's ZiiO 7" ... so I found a guide to rooting it... this was after getting the 'sorta' root that happens by following the posts here by Eyowzitgoin and AmericanDane... and now I'm getting results that say I'm rooted.

I have been working on this for days... playing around with linux man pages to understand what's happening. Finally seems like I got somewhere.

Every app I use that requires root, I get a confirmation box from SuperUser asking me if I want to allow or deny.

Anyway, it looks to be permanently rooted - I shut my ViewBook 730 down entirely and started it back up and SuperUser is still granting permissions.

So here's the link:

[Q] Root Creative ZiiO 7" Android 2.2 - xda-developers

Thanks for all the help,