What are you Wi-Fi Up/Down speeds?


Mar 11, 2011
Been using the 7015 for over a week now. Rooted the device and installed the Google Apps. After a week of using Eclair I flashed up to CyanogenMod because I wanted to run Android 2.2 Froyo. The screen resolution was a lot nicer and was able to run a newer and less buggy version of Gmail. But the Wi-Fi seemed to lag and the SpeetTest confirmed it was sluggish so I flashed back to Eclair. The Wi-Fi is still slow, the Wi-Fi only Droid is faster, even when connected to the same router. So I'm wondering what other people see for their Wi-Fi speeds.

The only other think to say about the 7015 is the included vinyl cover was so outgassing with toxic fumes it was giving me a headache. I have it in a ziplock bag packed in the original box, so nasty...


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I am only getting 3.06meg down and 0.65meg up 6.33meg down on my optimus s so yeah its the wifi on the Kyros.

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I'm actually doing alright. I'm still running Android 2.1 with TipStr's Honeycomb Tweaks. The Tablet is pre-7015A update, rooted with Clockword Recovery Mod. I'm running on a Cisco router with 801 WiFi. Normally I'm running at around a 5Mb down 1up but at this hour there's some traffic issues in my area. All in all I get a pretty solid connection though.

Ok, On the Tablet, I am getting 3111 kbps down, and 627 up
on my Optimus, I am getting 3093 kbps up, and 689 down
Installed the hc 2.1 custom rom and get 5.5 up and down so maybe it's the oem code that's not working right.

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