Where are my installed apps?


Dec 2, 2010
Hi All!

I'm slowly getting used to this thing! So far I really like it!

I recently installed a couple of apps, but they do not show up on the launchpad. However, when I try to reinstall, the system detects they are there and asks me to overwrite the files.

Where are the apps installed, and is there anywhere else I can go to launch these apps? Can I drag a shortcut out to the desktop in order to launch them?

Thanks again!

if you have an sd card installed they would be going into a folder "\downloads" this would be the original apk file. install a file manager app like "astro" to browse the sdcard

do you have an icon that looks like a bunch of small boxes if you click on that this will show the installed apps
Yep, I have the "small boxes" icon, but the app doesn't show up on that launchpad. But like I said, when I try to install it again, it asks me if I want to overwrite it. If I say yes, it goes through the motions of installing it, but never shows up.

Maybe it's just a difficult app that just won't install. But do you know where exactly the system installs the binaries? I'd like to see if I can run it directly.

Does it say successfully installed? and are you sure its an app and not a widget or live wall paper?

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