Which one should I choose would be wise?

Oct 26, 2010
Hey guys, I am newbie here and want to say hello to everyone first of all.:)
I am looking for a tablet with android system and want to buy one for my study. But my budget is a little tight since I'm still a student now. I had a look on the Internet and found 2 android tablets, they are
Google Android 7 Touch Screen WiFi Tablet PC
Google Android 7 Touch Screen Tablet PC
I think the first one is a little like iPad, maybe is it a copy? Which one would be better and more pratical? Will it be a good choice to choose such a tablet? Could you offer me some professional advice? Thanks in advance.


Oct 7, 2010
Well, based on your description, I think the first one would be better. Its hardware and configuration is more powerful and practice.
The second one is a little bit of out-dated.
Oct 26, 2010
If your budget is under $100 the second link with the 256 meg unit and the 400 Mhz VIA processor is the best. Personally I would spend a little more and get a G10 Haipad like the one in the free give away contest here: http://www.androidtablets.net/forum/android-tablet-news/1727-free-tablet-giveaway.html

Yes it's twice the price but the difference between the devices you listed and this one is HUGE.

They look alike and seem also from China, the difference is really so huge?


Senior Member
Sep 25, 2010
Please check other sellers and the tablet comparisons tablet in this forum. You need google Android 2.1 minimum. Must have minium 2GB memory and SD slot to add more memory. Ensure that the market is installed, older cheap model don't have access to the market.