White Novel VS Titanium Backup and other "Root" apps


Jan 2, 2011
So I just purchased 2 Pan White 7" installed the new firmware and it seems to have "Root" in the sense that a su binary in in the bin dir.. When I attempt to run Titanium backup to copy out my settings it throws an error

"BuisyBox works but the "su" command does not elevate to root:"whoami" reports "whoami: unknowen uid 10050" instead of root/uid 0. I think your "SuperWhitelist" system app does not work. Please check with rom provider.

On my 9" pan, and my android phone I have what I have seen as a Propper root su in bin and Superuser.apk in the apps section.. When I ask for root I am prompted on the device to confirm.

I am gonna poke around a bit but am currently stumped.

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