Why does Android 2.1 have soooooo many problems.


Aug 27, 2010
Bought one of those Augen 7 inch tablets from K-Mart and I think I'm going to return it. Android is unlike any Linux distro I've ever encountered. There's no back/forward button on their browser. It doesn't recognized flash drives. The file manager is useless. The terminal is useless. Why did Google even release this thing. Can someone tell me? Thanks.
first off google didnt release the augen gentouch but they did release android os which brings me to my second point google made android for cellphones and sense the g1 and they very first android os there as been a lot of improvements and android has taken the smart phone world by storm and basically reinvented what people expect from there phones. Now to your point linux os's are computer based thats why they will recognize flash drives and have a full browser but your not completely right about there not being a back/forward button there is a back button on most all android tablets and then in the browser if you hit menu there is a forward button too. Terminal will work great if you rooted which from what i have read it doesnt sound like you have rooted your device and fyi the augen has issues straight from kmart there are updates and fixes that you can do manually that fix most of those issues and we have a great augen gentouch section that talks and even gives instructions on most of those things. So what i am saying is its not google or android those are both great but its your tablet (and for 150 bucks i dont know what exactly you were expecting) but what you should do is give it more time read through the forum and see if any of those tips help there are a lot of people that are happy with their tablet after some tinkering
This tablet is using unauthorized software,UI,that is why theres so many bugs and no real tech support. The only real support you will get is in forum like this one. There has been some breakthrough with this tablet. From what I've read you need to be willing to do some reading and figure it out on your on,amd follow some of the suggestions posted. This tablet is not for the faint of heart. If you were hoping to get something you could just turn on and use this is not the tablet for you. There are better clones on the market. These are just my thoughts.
Wow, someone needs some cheese with their whine. Android wasn't made to be a full Linux distro; it's a mobile OS running on top of a Linux kernel. Maybe a little research next time before you pick up a product? Also, what do you expect for a $150 tablet?

If you want a portable Linux distro, load Debian on your device.
OK, sorry if I came across as a jerk. Just frustrated with this thing. I've give the Augen section a try. Thanks.
The browser has forward/back. Just press the Menu button and you'll see what you have been missing.

Flash devices is hardware dependent. Phones don't need USB OTG, so tablet support is chipset dependent. The TCC8902 supports it, so this is Augen's fault.

You normally install a file manager. I found it to be just fine (ES File Manager). If you need access to the rest of the phone's file system, buy SU File Manager.

Terminal useless? Please elaborate.