Windows Emulator on Tablet PC?


Dec 6, 2010

is it possible to emulate Windows on a Tablet PC eg. Samsung Galaxy Tab?



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Aug 6, 2010
Quite simply no, The CPU could potentially emulate some DOS or Windows commands (If programmed) but not a full PC environment. Think in these terms
The VIA8505 is about as powerful in processing as a first gen Pentium, NOT a P2, or a P3. It is also limited in the instruction set on the processor. It would be easier to emulate a 6502 processor in a Commodore or Apple II, But even then it would take a lot of Processing power to do a software emulation.
The CPU in a Samsung Galaxy is more powerful but is like one of the low Power VIA Chipsets which are x86 capable. Even then it would be doing Software emulation not Hardware emulation

What is the difference between Software emulation and Hardware emulation? Quite simple, the core instructions are handled at the CPU, if hardware emulation while the core instructions are brought up into an application to process the instructions. So using the application Solitaire on all Windows apps, The simple call and instruction to flip the card on a tablet would have to have a program to run a program to emulate a processor to run on the Tablet CPU vs. the program runs on the cpu in emulation mode.

Do not think VMware or VirtualPC to compare, Think more in comparison to an AppleII, Amiga, MAME emulation. This is a processor emulation. not a rewrite of an app for this processor