Wyse PocketCloud App to Android Devices


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Aug 4, 2010
I've been using Wyse PocketCloud Free for Android on my Rooted PanDigital e-Reader/Tablet Hybrid with Android OS 2.0 for a few weeks. So far the free Wyse PocketCloud applications works well found on Market. Although the full version is less than $15 bucks gives you auto VIS, multi-connections, RDP sound, Vmare and Secured Tunneling would be more ideal because of VIS (visual image size) would be more automatic so you don't have to scroll around trying to get the perfect viewing. RDP into Windows 7 Ultimate is a breeze, no real issues have you setup the firewall ports and make sure you give access to other systems on your network NLA so you can use the Cloud to only one node (network device).

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