Xpad M701?


Jan 25, 2011
okay so i was on youtube looking for an android tablet that:
1. was not an ipad clone
2. ran android properly

and i came across this video

the tablet itself looks pretty cool, very much the same as others ive seen but this thing runs android PERFECTLY i was amazed i wanted to know what it was called a comment said it was the xpad m701 however i cant find a place to buy this tablet anywhere
so this is what i would like help with firstly is this tablet really the xpad m701 or is it something else?
and also where can i buy the tablet that was in this video (or its nearest equivalent)
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so i dont know what you mean by running android PERFECTLY because what i see in the video it looks like it is running it just like any other android tablet and technically no tablet will run android PERFECTLY until honeycomb comes out which is made more for tablets and not just phones. Now to answer your question the video was hecca dark but it looks like the x5a here is a better video for you to compare and see if im right [link]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEJsL_c2FOg[/link] but if it is the x5a then thats an older tablets and there are better ones out there. dont get me wrong its still a good tablet and here is where you can buy it X5A Plus Telechip Android 2.1 Android Tablet PC with 1080P HDMI Port, Accelerometer, Multi Touch Screen - US$159.90 : Euogo.com
thanks for the help
what i meant was that with most tablets when you scroll or open the app menu there is always that teeny bit of framyness about it i dunno perhaps its just me but i didnt see it in this one
Well its a good tablet I use to have one

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well as i said im still looking so if you don't think this is the one i should get what would you recomend?