Costum ROM : [ROM] [ICS] ConRom (Based on Feiyu 0515)

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    Ainol NOVO 7 AURORA
    This is ConRom and based on Feiyu 0515


    19th May 2012

    • v2
    • Fully rooted
    • Updated Gmail & Google Maps

    16 May 2012

    • v1c
    • Added tweaks for faster internet speed
    • Tweaks for cleaning cache, tmp, logs, and unused files
    • Tweaked battery
    • Clean up init RAM
    • Optimised SQLite database of Apps
    • Faster read/write performance
    • Added drivers for all touchscreens. [Still issue with LG screen]
    • v1b - removed chinese application (Baidu)
    • Removed Task Manager & Root Explorer
    • Installed Google Maps, Street, Youtube
    • Installed Genkolar Novo Tools (Thanks Genkolar)
    • Installed Flash Player 11.1
    • Changed Boot Animation to White Aurora (Thanks Ainol Member xD)
    • ZipAligned
    • Init.d support & Busybox
    • All market support

    15 May 2012

    • v1a - set default language to English & set location to UK

    To install, you will need to install this from clockwork mod.
    Recommend data & cache wipe and then dalvik cache wipe.

    There is a problem with touchscreen if you have an LG screen. If your touch screen doesnt work, installthis in Clockwork Mod Recovery and then install ConRom again.

    Download from here (MF) :

    Original site :


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