1. X

    Android Tablet for drawing?

    I want an android tablet to draw when I’m on the go but I have no idea which ones are good to use. Maybe some can help me with some advice or experience reports? I’ve seen some posts like 10 Best Android Drawing Tablets in 2023 - pctechtest , but I’m still not sure. I’m happy about any tips...
  2. Robin-Justin

    Please suggest me best android tablet, keep in mind i need best camera, and battery life.

    Please suggest me best android tablet, keep in mind i need best camera, and battery life.
  3. Hotsuma

    Zeki 10.1" (TBQG1084NB) - Need Firmware

    Zeki 10.1" Quad Core Tablet with 8GB, 1GB RAM, Android 4.2.X Jelly Bean This tablet is stuck in a permanent boot-loop. The recovery mode is weird because when I boot into it, it won't let me do anything (it's frozen). After a while, it'll power down. I bought this tablet off of eBay years ago...
  4. R

    Resurrecting Momo7 Tablet

    I have a Ployer MOMO7 tablet. I've had it for a couple of years, but never used it for much since the initial reason that I bought it disappeared. I am now trying to get it working again, and have a few questions: 1. It seems to take forever for the battery to charge. It's already been charging...
  5. F

    Unlock Android Tablet With Broken Screen

    Samsung Tab S2. Screen was completed broken. Touch is not responsive. How to unlock the tablet?
  6. Droem

    ROMS for Coby Kyros MID1042

    Anyone of y’all got any good ROMS for the Coby MID1042? I will take any suggestions! Thanks!
  7. Z

    Connecting Galaxy Tab 2 To Monitor Or TV

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to my desktop monitor. I bought a multiport adapter that hosts: 1 USB 1 Micro USB 2.0 1 VGA 1 HDMI Audio In Audio Out - Here's the actual adapter: Jave Screen Mirroring S8-pro HDMI/ VGA for Iphone IOS 8 /Android 5.0 Or Above Devices...
  8. P

    [ROM][7.1.2] Unlegacy Android 7.1.2 (Nougat)

    This post is _long_ overdue, but hey! The latest ROM for our tablet is UnlegacyAndroid 7.1.2 (Nougat). Downloads are here: Unlegacy Android - Downloads You may wonder - what is UnlegacyAndroid? It is a ROM that tries to stay rather close to AOSP sources, with support for various tablets with...
  9. S

    Android Tablet Stuck On 'Unfortunately, Games Has Stopped'

    SWMBO's TabExpress android tablet has started to play up and is now just showing the window: Unfortunately, games has stopped. Athough other menus appear behind this window, it seems impossible to turn it off. Pressing the 'ok' script on the screen turns off the window, only for it to reappear...
  10. A

    New Member

    Hey, I am an Android app developer. I am much pleased to hear from you. Here i am to increase my skills. after. I will thoroughly enjoy in giving more solutions and guidance towards the problem being shared by you.
  11. I

    Swapping Digitisers

    I have an Ematic Tablet With a broken screen and digitizer. I also have a Trio Stealth G4 7 Tablet It is bricked and won't go pass the logo screen Both are almost the same size and apart from the position of the ribbon attachment seemed like an almost perfect fit. However, when I tried...
  12. I

    Build/Buy Android Enclosure Kit

    Hello, I have an Ematic tablet with a smashed digitizer and screen. I couldn't find any replacement parts for it online and it wasn't worth the effort. But it got me thinking ..... Is there like an Android casing/ enclosure that one can buy to build my own Android box? the tablet is still...
  13. N

    Rooted Acer Iconia Tab 10 stuck on reboot screen

    My brother recently bought a tablet off of his friend and after doing a factory reset, he discovered it had been rooted. He's stuck on the reboot screen. He doesn't know what to do now. Any help on his next step?
  14. P

    The Factory reset won't work in my Iconia A3

    I tried to reset my Acer Iconia A3 but it's not working. I press wipe data/factory reset and then it says the process is complete so I press reboot system but after the reboot instead of starting it says choose a package to install. I don't know what to do. I try and try again, but it won't work.
  15. S

    Stuck on android logo.

    Hello,well I've had a vision tablet for now almost a year and been two days it suddenly wouldn't get past the android logo and stays stuck on it for hours until the battery dies and it goes off,I've tried to look it up on youtube and tried pressing the power and the volume up but nothing would...
  16. H

    How To Backup Tablet Data To Computer?

    I am looking for an solution to backup the data I am concerned such as messages, photos and media library instead of a while backup. Also, I prefer to back up those data on a computer other than cloud service as the internet connect is not good in here. Any ideal?
  17. Eliminator

    Screen won't come on.

    One morning when I woke up my Xoom was off, and I could not power it up. I held the power button for 30 sec, nothing, hand vol up + pwr for 15 sec, nothing, vol down + pwr for 15 sec, nothing. I can put it in the charger and it shows the white lite, then after a while it turns green, but thats...
  18. K

    Tablet won't install apps

    Hi, I got a very confusing error with my android tablet. Its a cheap china tablet, it was sent to me with a virus so i removed the android os and changed to newer 4.4.2 with root... The tablet is running everything is fine but i got a little problem. I cant install any application on the...
  19. S

    Help! 0 Memory Problem

    Hi, so, i dont know where else to ask this but... I have had this PLT8235G PROSCAN Android Tablet for a whial, and my sister broke it... what happened is, if froze on blue screen every time i turned it on, and i had to let it die, or hit the rest button. BUT i DID fix that problem, i flashed it...
  20. S

    Locked on Bootscreen Kyoto M700A MID Tablet

    Hello all, Have been given a duff tablet to try and sort out. It's a Kyoto M700A MID (chinese iPad knock off) & it is locked on the boot up screen with "Kyoto" and the build number etc in the bottom right corner. Android OS - 2.2 Kernel - 2.6.32 Build Number - V1.5.0 I have attempted to lift...