5 inch (or 4.8 inch) Tablet with best integrated speakers


Aug 22, 2010
I would like a unit with loud integrated speakers- and decent audio over them. A kick stand will be nice as well, but not a deal breaker if it does not have one.

Which one would you recommend??
I haven't seen many 5 inch tablets and if you want the best it would probably be the deal streak or you could just get like a droid x or a evo 4g ( they are 4.3 inches) and just use them as a tablet but if you want some others there are some for sale here JTSHOP
I do not want a phone that comes with the need to pay someone a large monthly fee just to use basic features on a very expensive item. If I cannot pay for some reason, then the Dell Streak or Evo becomes a rather light paper weight that cost me 2 weeks pay check- no thanks!

I am looking for a stand alone- Non-phone tablet. I do not need a cell, or want one. Once I pay for the tablet, the only other thing I want to spend money on is the apps, not $60/month for wifi or to use the MP3 player.
well you can buy a phone off contract and not pay for the service and just an fyi you dont pay for wifi on a phone service
I was told by the Verizon, ATT, and Sprint reps I would have to pay to use most of the applications on any tablet they had. I think I will just get a plain tablet that is not a phone.
well they lied to you most of the apps can be ran while on wifi but i think getting one not through a cell phone network is a good idea
You might want to look at the Archos IMT 5. I have the Android 5 (NOT the Android IMT) and it is more of a PMP than a Tablet. But it does produce nice sound and is adequate on Volume if you tweak. Keep in mind, speakers that small are hard to drive with Quality bass and Good mid-Level. I have hooked up my Archos 5 to decent self-powered Speakers and the quality is wonderful. BUT, you will likely find the least expensive lightweight speakers installed on almost all Tabs. The thing you want is that weird meld between a Good Portable DVD viewer with Android installed. I have NOT seen it yet. But the Archos IMT are close. Like I said, closer to a PMP than a Tab though

These may have flash to real HD for storage. The price new are not cheap either. Here are two examples Archos 5 IMT vs Archos 5 like I have. The difference is I can load mine with Angstrom Linux not Android. And the vendors will sell one thinking it is the other.
I don't actually need it to play DVD's all that well- or at all. Here are the things I need it to do well:

1. Play Mp3's (mainly for audio bibles, sermons, and some music)
2. Read PDF's ( I have heard screen angles and glare can be bad on some tabs)
3. runs some bible programs, mainly Bible Reader 4 by Olive Tree

I tend to listen to the music without headphones, so one that have speakers is a must, and a kickstand is a huge plus!

I have looked at the archos, but the price is high, and I do not need all those features. The smartQ v5 is great, but I have heard that none of the OP run all that great. I have looked at some of the others, but they mainly run 1.5 or 1.6 and are not upgradeable...so I have no clue what to do! LOL