Archos 101 and 70


Oct 9, 2010
I was originally planning to get several of these to give to family members as gifts, but since there are delays in availability and limited stock, I think I'm going to get other android tablets. In fact, I don't think I'll be purchasing anything from Archos this year or the next.
bummer i am loving my Archos 70 they just are having trouble getting the supply that they wanted
I just came home from Sears with two brand new Viewsonic 10 inch android tablets. These come with Tegra 2 CPU and the capacitive multitouch display is similar in speed and responsiveness to my Ipad's multitouch screen.
not sure who to believe anymore, but looks like (at least for me and anybody else who pre-ordered on 10 days at least. This is the response I received yesterday (11/17) when I inquired about my pre-order (archos 70 8gb oct 20):

They are finally in transit to Archos and should be here in 7-10 days. Thanks for your patience

and when I asked why the official sites are stating either the 18th or 20th, here was the reply:

We are all getting them at the same time. Archos usa doesn't even have them yet because of a delay in customs. Then they courier them to me. I'm the Canadian distributor so will get them before anyone else here

sigh, trying to keep hopes up, but this is what, the 5th - 6th time the dates have changed???
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Archos just made an announcement on facebook saying that both the 70 and 101 would be available later today to order