BEGINNER's Questions - How to place an Icon/Widget(?) on Home page?


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Jun 30, 2010
its called a bookmark so what you have to do is bookmark a webpage first so open you broswer go to the site you want hit the menu bottun then select bookmark and add book mark then go to the home screen that you want to place the bookmark, long press and select shortcuts and scroll tell you see bookmarks then select the bookmark you want and thats it it will put a shortcut on your home screen. for a widget just long press the home screen and select widget then pick which one you want and to move an app to the home screen open the app drawer long press the app you want and then place it where you want. hope that helps


Jun 19, 2010
Where do I FORMAT my SD card ? On my laptop or on the MID itself? The instructions are :
"Also download this flash card format utility program to use to properly format your flash card in preparation to upgrading your A81:
HP Format Utility Program "
Also where do I download on - on the laptop or the Wits A81E? I have to update to a version of firmware. BTW I use Windows 7 oin my laptop. Thanks for your early response.