Best Rom to update Nook Color???


Jan 10, 2011
I have been reading all the forums looking for the best ROM to update my Nook Color. Currently I have it rooted with 1.1 and it is working quite well. So the real reason I am looking to update is to experiment and learn the different flavors of Android. I have already prepared my Ext 4 card and have loaded on it

1. phiremod V4
2. Froyo 0.6.8
3. Honeycomb V4
4. CM7 encore V5

So I am looking for advice on the following.

What will give me the best feature set and experience. Is Froyo better than Eclair? Is Gingerbread better than Froyo?

My Findings Posted 3/10/11

I have spent several days working with the Phiremod Beta 2 which most of the folks in this forum have said they felt was the best rom. I had it working well and for the most part was happy with its performance. I felt that there was no need to overclock. The stock 800 was fine. ON the down side there were several apps that would not install (Just Pictures) and many that always came up in a small screen as if it was a phone. And to that point this ROM left all the phone software in place further degrading its appeal since what I want is a tablet.

Well today I decided to load up Froyo emmc 6.6.8. I had tried this on the sd card and liked the implementation better then Phiremod. But I was never able to get the market to work. So today I decided to figure that out. I took the plunge and installed it on emmc. Easy to do just format a sd card with froyo eemc image and let it rip. Stanbdard install stuff. Format system, data and cache. Install from clockworks and then reboot.

Well I did resolve the market issue (which required clearing caches after initial install. More if people want to know). This is a far SUPERIOR rom IMHO. It removes all the phone crap and keeps the essentials. The implementation of softkeys is unique as well (at least I could never set it up this way) Apps that loaded in small screens in Phiremod load in full screen on Froyo 668 and apps that wouldnt install on Phiremod install fine here as well. The ROM also builds in the 1.1mhz kernal so you know it is right. Just install SetCpu and you are good to go. The notification bar is cleaner as it doesnt have phone signal meter and the wifi indicator takes less space. The app comes loaded with key essentials like DropBox (nice touch) and a great implementation of LauncherPro the full version.

Right about now I couldnt be happier. I really havnt found anything that isnt working. Youtube (which you need to install seperately) worked the 1st time. No weirdness.

I would suggest those that are trying new roms do not pass on this one. It really is great.

And to save some people time here is what you need to do to get the market working after the install.

My problem was 2 fold,
1) GTalkService is failing and gTalk cannot sign in
Debug: GTalkServiceHelper in Market was complaining (I can capture trace next time it happens again)
Solution: I did a few things (resetting password on gmail, clearing all data and caches in Market, Google Framework, Google Login Service, Download Manager) and somehow magically the error message went away

2) /cache is not mounted properly
02-21 04:09:57.231: DEBUG/DownloadManager(1111): download aborted - not enough free space in internal storage
Solution: mounted /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 as ext4 using adb (rw,nosuid,noatime,nodiratime). Probably just a minor fix in init.rc.

and then Boot into recovery and format cache using the ROM manager

My Findings 3/22/2011

I have now installed CM7 nightly and Phiremod V5.1. Installed CM7 yesterday and repaced it with Phiremod V5.1 today. First off I want everyone to know that it is no more difficult to install these ROMs than any others. I have been reading and reading on the forums and had feared using these. It is as simple as creating the properCWR sd card with the current CWR on it and coping the files to the cards and then flashing like you would any other. There are plenty of instructions on how to do this so I wont go into it now. But I wanted those who like me was somewhat fearful to know it is as easy as any other flashing you may have done.

So my findings. CM7 is very nice but bare. You have to build it up yourself by adding GAPPS and then configuring it to your taste. No biggie just more time. It has the same feel to it as I had from UD 3.2.1 which is built on this. So if you want a pure Gingerbread experience then I would so go for it. I had no issues with it other then the YouTube app. But flash works fine in the browser so you give up little.

Today I loaded up Phiremod V5.1. Same install process as CM7. In fact they sit on the same sd card. Phiremod is more complete so it feels more done then CM7. It also sets up nicely with some animations which are nice and loads with some key and useful apps. Install was the same as CM7 so no change but the set up instructions are more thorough on Phiremod so that was helpful.

Leveraging the power of Titanium Backup was/is incredibly useful. It basically backs up and saves your apps and settings. This allows you to flash a new ROM and have it completely set up with your apps in minutes. Very cool.

Both ROMs come with ADW which I hate. But I had backed up Launcher Pro with Titanium so after my restore my Launcher Pro was there are ready to go with all my apps loaded on the desktop. It does not restore widgets though.

So my experience with UD, CM7 and Phiremod 5.1 has all been very smooth and positive. I would not hesitate to suggest to folks to give them a try. The thing I need to find out was I had really high battery drain on UD (could be because I installed SetCPU which none of these ROMs like. Dont do it). So I cant comment on that yet since I only have them running for hours now days yet.

But my message is give them a try. They all work well and are in my opinion much better then that stock sw. Yes you give up the BN specific functions (but that is true with all except the AutoNootered roots) but that wasnt important to me. If you want an Android tablet this is the way to go.

On another note I did get Bluetooth working. It works as it should software wise. But the radio range is very poor. I got my headphones paired and all the functions work but the phones and the NC need to be inches apart. Really not useful. Have no idea if that will ever be better but I am impressed none the less the guys got it to work in the 1st place.

Update 3.29.2011

Have been running Phiremod 5.1 for a week now. It has been very good and stable with a few quirks. Those quirks seem to be ironed out with Phiremod 5.2 which I flashed today. This is built on the latest CM7 nightly as of March 28 I believe. In any case it is improved. Video is better, lock screen is improved and many general enhancements. Also upgrade was painless. Just flashed over the old rom. No wiping needed. Everything worked on 1st try. Highly recommended! Bob

Have fun!

Bob Silver
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first things first.. you do not need an ext4 sd card for froyo.. only the CM nightlies and phiremod gingerbread port. One version of Honeycomb uses it (flashable zip), the other doesnt (sd card ROM).

with that out of the way.. its very much a matter of preference..

i see you want to read books and do simple things like surf the web... the best ROM for this is a rooted stock 1.1 (eclair). since the app for reading is still part of the system.
Once you go froyo or CM you will need to download the Nook app to read (or any pdf or ereader) it is no longer a system app.

In terms of whats better generally.. Gingerbread is the newest and best. For the nook it may not be true however since eclair is the only version created to run on the nook as intended. Froyo and CM7 (gingerbread) are developer ports so there will be bugs.

HC is not usable for daily basis, just fun to play with.. not all apps work and it isnt ready to be used and some things like accelerometer arent up to par. See here for comments and problems.

I run CM7.. very fast and stable.. the market behaves funky sometimes (nothing appears in My Apps) and the battery life isnt as good as others.. but i enjoy it alot.
I'm sure others will suggest froyo.. but i didnt like it as much.. didnt seem like it was built for the nook like CM7 is.
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Revenge8 Thanks for this.

Regarding the Ext 4 card. Can I use it for all? Or do I need an Ext 3 card for some and an Ext 4 card for others? Really need a score card to keep up.

So is the CM build you are using the CM7 Encore V5 I listed? I believe that was the latest. Trying to recall what card format it needed to be installed with. What do I give up going with the CM7 build? Anything? Also havnt seen a version I can run from an sd card to try it out. Do you know of one?

As my usage no issue adding the various book reader apps. Made the point in that I am not using it for major media. More to play with and learn. The reader is important in that I can count on the unit to work when I need it.

Thanks again.

Bob Silver
you would need an ext3 card for some (froyo) and ext4 (CM7) for others.. i know its annoying but i think with the new version of CWR that just came out it eliminates the need to keep switching CWR ext cards ..but im not 100% on that.. im reading up on it myself right now.

but anyways.. you can still use the sd cards to switch from ext3 to ext4 no matter what..

I use this which is just really a modded version of the official CM7 (encore) V5.. it may not be as up to date, but works well for me. You dont have to give up anything except the built in reader function.. in fact it will give you more options on your NC. I havent seen a sd card version of it i dont think.. only EMMC(internal memory).

The most stable android version on the NC is eclair b/c thats what it was built with.. everything else is stable but beta pretty much. I have had no major problems with my ROM so far .. so thats good enough for me i guess.
From what I have found...phiremod v2beta is one of the most stable custom roms as of today
From what I have found...phiremod v2beta is one of the most stable custom roms as of today

As I understand it the beta V2 is based on Froyo where the phiremod V4 is based on Gingerbread. Am I right on this?
+1 on phiremod v2 beta. Phiremod v4 and the CM nightly builds are Gingerbread and are not as stable for a true daily driver imho..

Well then how does the phiremod V2 differ from Froyo 0.6.8? I just loaded up the Froyo 0.6.8 on an sd card. Runs very slow (to be expected in a class 4 card I assume) but I get the idea of what it is about.
I am very interested in this topic as well.

I'm currently running a Froyo based rom I found on youtube from the user 'xboxexpert' that is extremely stable.

I believe it's name is "xe.nook.color-froyo-v2.2-flashable-REV303"

But I would like to try Gingerbread. The only thing keeping me away is the lack of video.

Currently I have flash working as well as a youtube app. Youtube doesn't work in the browser yet though.

Anyway just something else to think about~
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My favorite rom is also phiremod beta 2 froyo. Imo, its stability and the fact it can be flashed through regular clockwork set it above the others. Cm7 was smooth, but internal partitioning made me nervous in addition to ext4. I couldn't be happier minus the black on black text.
As I understand it the beta V2 is based on Froyo where the phiremod V4 is based on Gingerbread. Am I right on this?

Yes it is bob. And I think based on the whole nightly thing is why I am staying away.

No trees were harmed in the sending of this message...although a few electrons were inconvenienced
Well then how does the phiremod V2 differ from Froyo 0.6.8? I just loaded up the Froyo 0.6.8 on an sd card. Runs very slow (to be expected in a class 4 card I assume) but I get the idea of what it is about.

Running a Rom off sdcard will be slower then running it internally. I have not tried any other froyo besides phiremod beta 2 because flash and youtube both work for me. Most everything works for me in beta2. One thing not to do in beta2 is format sdcard in nook, it will mess things up.

You will lose the nook interface with most roms for now because b&N hasn't release their version of froyo yet. So all these roms are ports from other devices.

Like I said I can't speak for the other froyos. Read the xda threads on them to see what the bugs are. I can tell u phiremod doesn't have just need to uninstall and reinstall flash player a couple times for it to work. U may have to also toggle wifi on and off after sleep or use wake timer app in market to keep wifi on.

sent from my rooted nook color
Well I went and bought a class 10 SD card yesterday and loaded up the Froyo 0.6.8 SD rom. It now runs quite fast. Also loaded SetCPU so set up to run at 1.1ghz. This is giving me a good idea of Froyo now. What I like is that the basic home screen functions work like shortcuts, folders , etc. Also the settings functions work as expected (except obviously the phone). One issue I am having is Google Talk constantly seems to fail to login. As a result (I am guessing) the Market fails when downloading any apps. I have loaded apps from my backup I placed in DropBox (bless you DropBox!). Everything else seems fine that I have checked Youtube, web, mail. Wifi seems to load properly from sleep.

So the question now is how Phiremod Beta2 varies from this rom? Of concern that I read is the wifi issue that many of you have. Which as stated above does not appear to be an issue with the Froyo .6.8 I am using.

But I am having fun with this experiment!

I don't have any issues with wifi on phiremod v2beta I can't speak to that...matter of fact, the only annoyance I have with v2beta is the black text on a DARK gray background for your menu buttons. The symbols show up fine, so most of the time, its not a big deal, as I know what a refresh button looks like, as well as a preferences and settings buttons.