Dec 13, 2010
I got my pad a couple of days ago. I ordered a X220 but my pad seems to be X210 as there is no GPS (I don't have use for it, no car). The only thing missing from it is bluetooth, it would be nice to use it to surf the net when away from home and use mobile phone as modem.

USB works fine, I have a FAT32 USB hard disk that works ok with it. WIFI works ok too but seems to need AES turned on.

Has anybody used a bluetooth dongle to connect their pad to a mobile phone?
haven't been able to get it to work on mine......(WoWPAd)
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Is it because it requires a driver to be installed?

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I've tried it with my bluetooth dongle and couldn't get it working. It's not plug and play but I'm sure there's a fix somewhere?

It will not work. Do not confuse PC logic PlugnPlay with Android. Unless the firmware developer included bluetooth USB interface in its driver setup, then it will not work. If you want to create a USB BT driver set, go for it. Unfortunately, one BT usb dongle is not compatible with the next. so would need a bridging driver integrator.
Bottom line. Unless you have a BT already installed on your tablet, it is not likely for it to work.

It is very similar to the problems with 3G Modem cards and Tablets. The sellers would say it would work, but until the developers included it in the Firmware, it was no-go.