building linux kernel on RK2919


Dec 8, 2011

I am using Odys Xpress based on RockChip RK29xx tablet.
I have downloaded the kernel sources from the manufacturer of the Odys tablet and "some" tool chains.
I am able to build the kernel and modules. The modules I can "insmod" on the tablet (at least no error appears).
But when I flash the kernel.img the tablet does not boot (as far as I can see). The screen "fades" to white, no boot logo, nothing. After flashing the original kernel.img everything runs normal again.

My questions are:

is anyone (here) able to build a running kernel ? Which toolchain do I have to use to build the kernel ?

By the way:
I have two toolchains: arm-eabi-4.4.0 from android SDK und arm-eabi-4.4.3 from android ndk

With the first one I can build kernel (but not running) and modules (loadable without errors) but no executables for tablet linux.
With the second on I can build running applications for linux on the tables ("hello world" on the command line) but e.g. modules I built with this toolchain throw an error when I try to "insmod" them ("wrong format" - something like this).

Thank You for Your help.

hi, I can only post You the .config I did (or was included in the sources from Odys), please find attached. The kernel installed in the tablet was build without placeing .config in /proc :(.
Thank You for Your help.



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