[Discussion]Building the S7 kernel

It still wasn't working but the google usb device that pops upwhen in fastboot has a different vendor id than the device. I added the goodle vendor to my udev rules and i finally got fastboot!

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So I built the .29 kernel from source. I used the config from my device and really didn't change anything except for removing the driver fro the touch screen. I tried to boot the compiled zImage and got a confirmation message that said rebooting, the screen flashed a little but does not boot right away, after about 1-2 minutes it reboots but the kernel version is unchanged. So I guess the kernel is not in "bootable" shape but I'm not sure what I missed.

brian@brian-Presario-C700-Notebook-PC:~/android-sdk/tools$ fastboot boot zImage
creating boot image...
creating boot image - 2304000 bytes
downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY
booting... OKAY
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Have you looked at the source available at the code aurora forum? As you may be able to get the driver there.

I'm going to poke round with the kernel source over the weekend.

Might be able to work something out.


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I am pretty sure it is the same source that i am working with but i will look at it.

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Hi SikYou,

I'm having the same the same issue with kernel compilation too with cypress too.. =)


It's Huawei code. the part that fails to compile.

SikYou, which eabi did you use to compile? 4.2.1, 4.3.1, or 4.4.0?

I'm trying with 4.2.1, and lets see if it will compile =)

watching the make output now =)

and I've found the issue. lots of control M at the end of every line in


trying to fix.

Well I have to say I'm stuck as you are SikYou. Going to build without cypress.

i know this probably is the complete wrong direction, but i have no idea about building kernels, so...would there be any possibility of unpacking the updata.app file that we use to install new firmwares? if so couldnt somebody customize that and just repack it? then there would be no need to even have a custom recovery, just insert sdcard with updata.app and unlmt.cfg.
Now that I've got a kernel compiled (I changed the modules to be built into the kernel.) But I can't get into fastboot mode. It was powering on while pressing the volume down button yes?

Hi Daz,

Been able to build and boot a custom kernel is the first step to building 2.2 for the tablet.

Sorry for the posting frenzy, its' power on with volume up and down pressed.

Now lets see if this kernel will boot =)

Try to press bouth of them and keep them presed.

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