Super fast Android Kernel


Feb 6, 2011
I was just thinking; LLVM has become nice enough that in the normal linux world you can compile a working kernel....
I wonder if it could work in Android....
After having the code sourcery site down so i couldn't download a more recent copy of the ARM EABI toolchain.
I got to thinking; LLVM is very very very sexy.....
If we could leverage it to build a android kernel, we would also then have a very very very sexy kernel, per say... on the fly optimization etc :D.

Post ya thoughts.
I think it sounds interesting. Codeaurora seemed to give me pretty good download speeds compared to I think the toolchain is also mirrored on github. I want to do more reading :p
Lulz; i meant more, post your thoughts on a JIT self optimizing kernel (i.e. LLVM compiled kernel)