Droid video playback


Oct 25, 2010
I've got a pretty basic question: How's the video playback on the droid tablets? As long as it play .avi or mpeg2 that's good enuff which the unit I'm looking at will.

Looking at one with a Rockchip2808 600mhz and 128mb sdrom. (7 inch screen)

I will base my purchase pretty much on this factor since I don't need it for much else.

Tried doing a forum search, but didn't see anything that's been discussed.

Any issues or considerations?

That is such a "quicksand" question. It depends upon how much of a video quality critic you are and what battery life the unit has. An explanation for you.
You describe a low power processor (RockChip 2808) which is fine for EReader and simple Browsing. If you accept basic YouTube quality you will be OK. But do not expect HD quality.
Another factor is the transcoder used to create the video, your tablet may not be able to display the video without a compatible transcoded video. This might require conversion from something like MediaCoder.
The end result is acceptible results, but not fantastic.
The Battery capability is the other critical element. If you do not have an adequate battery, you will be complaining how quickly it drains. Video rendering is very CPU intensive and will drain the battery much faster than you may like.

Bottom line, I would suggest moving up to a TeleChip 8902 or the RockChip 2818 processor. It would be closer to giving you the quality you desire. This will increase the cost, but the battery will also be a better battery capable unit too
Thanks Gurgle, I realized the answers weren't going to be exact with my questions but that's exactly what I need to expand on looking forward.

I've been watching vids on a PSP during downtime and wanted a somewhat larger screen. The quality needs to be average, nothing HD, but with smaller screens, quality isn't as noticeable anyhoo so something larger could be an issue.

I have no objections to the tinkering aspects of a droid tablet but versus that with practical usage for the purchase there's that fine line.

Great forum, Thanks!!