Help me pick a tablet?

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Nov 24, 2010
So I know that it's kind of a silly time to buy a tablet since we're in the earliest stages of a bunch of new (better) models coming soon.

Nevertheless, I'm already overwhelmed at the number of units that are out now. I'm not even sure if what I'm after exists yet. I'd like to buy something (soon) that's not too expensive, and then have another look around in a year or two to check out the newer models with what will hopefully be an Android version that's friendlier to tablets.

Here's what I'd like:

Larger screen, either 9" or 10".
Needs Android marketplace access.
I'd prefer 3G instead of just wifi, but would probably be willing to go wifi only if it had everything else I was after.
Needs to support flash.
Capacitive screen (this isn't likely, as it sounds like the cheaper pads just don't have it.)

Would like to spend not much more than $300.00 if possible.

At this point, I'm considering the Archos 10.1. It doesn't have 3G, but I'd probably use it mainly at home where I have wifi. I've got a Droid, so if I need to look something up and am outside wifi range, would use it.

Other contenders:
Viewsonic G Tablet 10"...sounds like the stock rom is crap, and only lots of tweaking *may* make it usable.
I've seen a few Chinese 10" pads on eBay, but am pretty wary of going that route. Also don't want to wait for that shipping.

Any other suggestions?



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Aug 6, 2010
Your $300USD price range is a real limiter unless you do a Chinese market buy. The base quality tablets (archos 101) are about $300 for just Wifi. 3G is at least $50-100 more. Look at the price of what is sold on Black Friday as specials and you have a realization, it is not available for that price yet.

The price of a $300 3G may be available come Spring 2011, but that will be with a 2-3 year contract. And then in reality, you are paying closer to $500+.
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Blue Proteus

Nov 24, 2010
... The base quality tablets (archos 101) are about $300 for just Wifi. 3G is at least $50-100 more.

Thanks Gurgle, that Archos 101 base is what I'm thinking about. I noticed in your sig that you have the Archos 7. Any major problems with it, or would you consider it ok?