Firmware update problems (used search)


Dec 6, 2010
Maybe i didnt use search hard enough but i just recieved my flytouch 2 and i want to update the firmware.

I downloaded the file, and copied it to my root directory on my SD card. Shut down the device, held HOME (sorry typo i didnt press menu) and then held the power button. It starts up but gets stuck in the InfoTMIC screen and doesnt do anything. If i hold down the power button alone for 10 or so seconds then release, it shuts back off, and i can power on normally.

I tried to do the system update through the software when i first got the device and it restarted but got stuck on the same screen. Seems like no matter what combination of buttons i use, it gets stuck there.

I also dont have any USB cables to connect it directly to my computer (since it didnt come with any, and it seems to not fit any usb cords i have laying around).

Also as another note, it seems most reviews i read people say the screen is pretty responsive to touch. With mine it seems single touch is fine, but swiping (to unlock it, etc) is VERY difficult without the stylus or a fingernail. You have to push down VERY hard
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Did you hold down home the entire time the logo was displayed?
If you're rooted, you could d/l quick boot. It has a boot in recovery option.
Yup, no matter what combination i do, if i hold down home, it freezes on the infoTMIC screen.
-Hold home and then hold power - Freezes
-press power then hold home - freezes
-hold home then press power - freezes

Cant figure this damn thing out and its frustrating as all hell
Seems the Menu+Power combination on this device freezes it outright no matter what screen you're in

I tried the Black square button+power to boot it into the countdown screen, then held Power+menu during the countdown and it froze at 1s and wouldnt do anything until i hard reset it.

I'm out of ideas
too bad these things are too expensive to use as skeet....
Followin up.........Still no luck. At this point i've contacted the vendor i purchased from about doing an exchange.