flytouch 3 superpad po41 and disco models wifi cured

Aug 21, 2011
good-day to all having wifi problems with your disco or po41 model flytouch superpads, try this APK it works great for me have had so many problems wifi connecting and disconnecting. I tried this app called wifi manager AND I HAVE NOT HAD 1 DISCONNECTON IN 2 DAYS please follow instructions below carefully.Link to the apk WiFi Manager - mobile9
ok here we go.
1,download onto tablet best to do through sd-card
2,once downloaded go into your wifi in settings on your superpad
3,remove all your attempts to connect to wifi in your networks by pressing ignore
4, turn wifi tickbox off
5,go to you wifi manager it will ask you to start wifi of course you say YES
press the auto at top of screen it will scan for networks once it as found yours press it and put in your security key in once installed key.PRESS CONNECT
6 what may happen is it will scan a while and do nothing turn off your tablet and re-boot it should then connect to internet and stay on. if it happens not to find it go through the above again.
7,things i have noticed it scans other networks also and puts the channel of your router on and everyone around you if your channel is similar to there's you could be having conflicts.
8, i have changed my router channel from 1 to AUTO which gave me a clear channel 11 as others around me were on the same. by going on your router supplier on the internet you can change your channel there.
9 what i have noticed with wifi manager i turn tablet off and back on virtually instant connection no waiting, good signal strengh.1problem i noticed was can use in any room. Also in Garden but could not use in kitchen,they must be a problem with the microwave or even all the metal pans etc but it struggled to load google etc
11, i am running internet on WPA/WPA2 security and working great many say they can only run under WEP but i have not had to even try that 1
10, please let me know if it works for you it should,as this Disco was a pain in the bu**
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