Free Apps & Free Books

melissastanley22 said:
Thanks for your sharing. But there are many other sites which providing free items. :)

Getjar seems to have lots of free apps.
Try Creative Commons. A lot of new authors release books there to get a following.

There's the Gutenberg Project, Baen has some free books also.

I have tried visiting guttenberg site and have downloaded some of their free ebooks... most of them are classic novels... how about recently published books, anyone knows?

Ereader News Today is an Amazon site and every day they offer anywhere from 10-100 free books for the day that you would normally have to pay for. These are lots of different genres.
There are many free apps, you can go with. I would recommend you to go with Instagram, angry birds, newton, pinterest, tumblr, mashable. This apps are damn cool, Instagram helps in editing photos, angry birds and newton are entertaining apps, tumblr helps any one to blog easily, pinterest helps in sharing photos to the social networks and mashable gives news updates.
Very creative thought with very great information. It is very good resource to get the free App and free Books. I am looking forward to this kind of information since so many months. I am also happy that I am getting very good app which I uses in regular basis.
you can always use try to type in the app you wish to get and check if there's available apps for free...
I heard that there is an black market applications available from that, I can download paid apps in free. Is that true?