Just to make sure...if I update to 1.2, I can still go back to 1.1 with a good backup


May 22, 2011
I have been lurking for awhile, and have a rooted 1.1 NC. I am having trouble with a few Children's books I bought, so I wanted to make sure it's not me rooting my NC. I have reverted back to stock NC 1.1 and still have the problem ( "Internal error: Reader does not support available file type").

I am thinking of "updating" to 1.2 to see if that helps, but just want to make sure I can go back to my rooted 1.1 via my backup on my bootable CWR SD card before I do.

Thanks for appeasing a newbie!
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Yes you can. You can restore exactly back to the backup just by flashing from CWR even after updating to 1.2 or even a custom ROM.

kato, if you bought the books from B&N, that should solve your problem. If not, they may truly be in a format that the B&N reader doesn't support and you may need another reader.
The children's books won't work in the B&N app, only in the B&N stock or rooted OS. It is the one unsupported feature of the app at the moment so you have to stay with the B&N OS either stock or rooted. Since you say you are rooted it should be working, so I am not sure what the issue may be at the moment. Maybe they are working on some updates on the B&N side.