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Per policy, this is an introduction thread.

I am interested in android-based tablets primarily because they satisfy a niche that no other device can currently do: cheap, touch-based, intermediate form factor (7"). Large enough to type on-screen but small enough to fit in the pocket of my lab coat--I work in a hospital. Right now I'm using a custom-built desktop, primarily built around the Q6600, but I also use an Acer Aspire One when I'm on the go or at work. However, I feel that its 10" form factor is just a little too big for my purposes.

I haven't actually bought any tablets yet, but I'm really edging towards the Gentouch78 now that it's becoming hackable and the atrocious touch-calibration seems to be fixed, although the G10 is also an option. I'm interested in newer versions of Android, sensitive touch displays (preferably multitouch), decent battery life, and responsiveness overall; everything else is gravy. I almost bought an Eken M001 just so I could fiddle around with it but I figured I'd just spend a little extra on a tablet that might actually be useful.

Anyway, looking forward to using the resources here when I'm ready to make a purchase and root the everloving hell out of it!


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Jun 30, 2010
welcome to the forum those tablets you mentioned are both good tablets i have heard good things about both the gentouch does have a big following though