Hi, new UK based importer and retailer of Android Tablets

Aug 31, 2010

my name is Dean and I am a Android tablet fanboy, so much so that I started importing and retailing them within the UK.

You can find our site at www.androidtabletpcs.co.uk

Having tried and tested most devices on the market I hope I can give some genuine friendly impartial advice and find out about any of the devices I've missed
Thanks for the welcome,

yes I read the notice on how not to get banned. That was partly the reason why I mentioned it in my first post, so there could be no confusion as to my status. Of course if we get any business that would be great but at the end of the day we are fans first and foremost. We have a blog a twitter and a facebook on our thoughts and what we think will be exciting in the future. Any help I can offer UK based owners or prospective owners I will happily offer.
rofl, wish i'd seen your post BEFORE i ordered off ebay. you are based on my doorstep.

still my wife wants an apad so i may just be placing an order...