Hibernation on Gentouch?


Aug 12, 2010
Before buying my Gentouch I had one of those Chinese Apad clones. The device was rubbish (but than again for USD 60:)), but had ONE feature I really miss on my Gentouch: hibernation. It was useful for 1, saving battery, 2, fast startup instead of watching the green guy for a minute..
Any idea, if hibernation possible is on the Gentouch, and if yes, how to get it?
Is "quickly press the power button down once" equal to hibernation?? I thought it was just turning the screen off. On my Apad-clone after (long)pressing the power button a menu popped-up, with silent mode, airplane mode, hibernation and power off as options.. i thought Gentouch should have/has a similar hibernation function available..
yep; long press gives the options silent mode and power off. This is the place (long press power button), where on my Apad-clone hibernation as an extra option showed up; after chosing it went into -hmm- hibernation. Actually I never figured, what exactly hibernation exactly ment, but 1, after turning on the Apad after hibernation the SD card was mounting again, and importantly, 2, battery use in hibernation was <1%/hr -something I would like to see in my sleeping Gentouch!