I got an Out of Memory/space error message today


Dec 27, 2010
Hey guys i got an out of memory message today, because I have to many apps installed. I don't even have that many and I'm already getting this error.... Then I notice that The S7 Tablet has Internal storage which is only like 175MB and i have 7.8MB free only so that's why i got that warning notification.

Then i notice there is an Internal 8GB storage SD card and then my External 16GB SD card that i installed.

My question: Is there a way to be able to download/install apps to the Internal SD card instead of the smal Internal storage 175MB? This would be a +


do you use all of your apps because 170 mb of apps is alot just asking
Just FYI, this is one of the main reasons we are clamoring for 2.2, so we can run App2SD, which would allow us to run apps from the SD Card. But I too wonder, do you really use all the apps that you have installed?
I think it might be because of need for speed racing game full version which downloads 66mb.

But is there a way to change this to use the internal sd or we would need 2.2 rom?

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Once we get 2.2 on the S7 there is an app called " apptosd" that will take care of this for us. It's a common problem for alot of people. Hopefully either huawei or a dev will get 2.2 going. In the mean time just be real picky on which apps you truly need. Like probbiethe1 mentioned, 170 mb in apps is quite alot. Ive installed several including quite a few games and I still have 50 mb left. Also I think some of the apps for rooting can be taken off without changing what they did to your device. One of the devs here can correct me if i'm wrong.

Look at apps under setttings to see what size every app is. Need for speed only takes up about 2mb the rest is on the sd card.
Mini opera was taking up almost 30mb on me
I am getting this too. The Nook app takes up 16.94 MB, I uninstalled Angry Birds that was just as big. I only have about 30 apps on my phone and they take up almost the whole thing.

I guess I am spoiled with my Droid X that has 8 GB for apps, I have about 750 MB on there with over 100 apps. So I have plenty of room for me.

I can not wait for 2.2!!!!
Yeah i really don't have many apps at all, we need to be able to download more then a few... hope they really do upgrade us to 2.2.... heard mixed posts... some say yes we are getting 2.2 and some say we are not... hope we do .
So here is the link to use the App2SD processes, which were written for 2.1: A2SD - android-roms - How To: Apps 2 SD - Project Hosting on Google Code. Anyone bold enough to try this and give a report back?

Thanks for the info, i just looked it over and seemed that we need to re-install the OS correct me if i'm wrong. I think i might wait a bit since i just got my tablet this weekend and hoping for 2.2 to come out soon.... if 2.2 does not come out nor comes out for a while, then i might be forced to go with the option above.

If anyone tries it, please let us know how it went... if it was successful or what problems you ran into, thanks :)
So here is the link to use the App2SD processes, which were written for 2.1: A2SD - android-roms - How To: Apps 2 SD - Project Hosting on Google Code. Anyone bold enough to try this and give a report back?

And for the brave soul that is willing to try, here is a great explanation of A2SD and what/how it works: A2SD Explained

I'm stuck on the following...
The SDcard will need two partitions, the first Fat / Fat32 & the second Ext2 For the Ext2 partition I wouldn't go higher than 1.5GB cuz you may run into some issues. I was staying around the 500MB / 750MB area & it was working nice. As all the guides I've read state not to exceed the 1.5GB Marker.

After you have both partitions setup you can install the OS, then it's just a matter of setting up the symlinks & moving the apps over / installing new ones. Now remember it may be best to do a wipe prior to installing this build if you aren't already on the same A2SD Build already.

1. Should I partition an external SD card? (Inserted into the Micro SD slot)
2. How do I "Install the OS" as mentioned?
You already have the OS installed on your phone.

Oh, I thought it was saying that I should reinstall the OS. That makes a lot more sense!

I'm going to go ahead an partition my SD Card with GParted now, I hope this ends up working.

UPDATE: GParted is having a bit of trouble with the card's previous FAT32 filesystem... I'm going to try formating the SD card directly from the tablet, then reinserting it into my laptop to be partitioned...

UPDATE: That seemed to do the trick! I'm partitioning the SD card right now...

UPDATE: I successfully partitioned my SD card... 1.3 GB for ext2 and 6.7 for FAT32. On to the next step.

UPDATE: The terminal's keyboard is being horrible, it woln't let me type "su"

UPDATE: If anybody else is planning to do this, I would recommend switching to the "Android" keyboard in the settings, and disabling the Huawei IME keyboard. Also, turn off all of the auto-correction options. Everything is going smoothing so far, I have a feeling this will be successful.
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