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Nov 26, 2010
AndroidTablets.net has created a new application policy for this section to help people navigate through this section:

[REQ] - If you are searching for an app, and want people to help you find a download link, kindly create a thread with [REQ] and a description of the app you are wanting to download.

Example: [REQ] Pink Floyd Sound Board App

[APK] If you would like to post a direct download link to an application, kindly use APK before each thread title.

Example: [APK] The Best application ever!

Please post [APK] threads with a description of the app, and possibly a screen shot. Also make sure to only link to direct downloads, and not websites for the advertising purposes. Linking to advertising websites, will result in the thread being un-approved.

Please do not post links to paid app downloads.

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[REQ] a good reliable video download app for a plain-Jane G-Tablet or website where a good one might be found?
A Dalvik IDE (ie. build apps from an android device).
I have yet to find anything like this, but I would love to develop apps for a tablet on a tablet. I don't mind paying a small amount for an IDE with basic functionality (Perhaps not quite as basic as VI, but certainly not as verbose as Eclipse).
Alternatively, if anyone has any ideas as to how something might be built to do this, I'm certainly open to suggestions - I've not done much work with Dalvik but have quite a lot of experience with C# and am learning Java.
Looking for the BN Nook app outside Android Market. Will happily download from any other market if someone runs across it. I realize you can google some apps and get those, but I still feel more comfortable getting 'em from a marketplace when possible.
[REQ] Warring States Gold

Have it on my TB amd Tab, and changed the fingerprint on my Nook Color, but it's not showing up in the marketplace.
Is there a bluetooth speakerphone app? I'mputting together a carPC and want to b able to make calls from my cell through my tablet or later on the android based pc I am putting together.