MaplePaint --- Vector-based drawing app for Android tablets/phones


Aug 26, 2010
Hey Android Tablets,

MapleWorks originally designed MaplePaint as a test app for Android tablets and has since released it as a free application for feedback. We're currently at 5400 or so downloads with a 4.26 rating and are always looking for more feedback. We've yet to get community response from people with tablets so any from your end of the Android market would be great.

Link to the androlib profile:

MaplePaint v1.2 Application for Android | Productivity

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Thanks and regards,
Adam at MapleWorks Technology
Hello thanks for letting us know about your app i installed it on my phone and it looks great i then tried to back up the apk and then move it to my tablet, because like many others one of my tablets doesn't have a working market. but your app wouldn't backup so i recommend you upload the apk file somewhere so us with out a working market can still install it.
Where can this software be downloaded. I tried to search in market but failed. best if you can help to direct. Thank you

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I did purchase the vector graphic app from adobe called ideas. I am going to try this one as the reviews ar by far better than adobe had and seems to have far more functions. Ideas by adobe was a bad idea. It isnso unresponsive it took between fifteen to twenty second for a stroke to appear. Customer services there just put me on hold and kept me there. I will be sure to come back and give feedback when I have had a play...
I may be thick, but I think it is not the type of app I need. Dont get me wrong, there are some useful functions that adobe could learn from, such as being able to move sections, an easy to use eraser. but it has not very good choice of brush sizes, it doesnt zoom in and out smoothly but in steps and the choice of colours needs shades of black grey and throughh to white on that spectrum. I is a nice app but at this time isnt really suitable as an art app. Apologies if I got it wrong, as the app goes for what it does, and being free it is great, just not what I am looking for.
I used Maplepaint for doing sketches when on work sites. It had many very good features but the deal breaker for me was not being able to sync back to a cloud file storage system like Evernote. I now use a vastly inferior app because it does at least synch back to evernote.