My Ultimate NookColor Stand...


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Jan 24, 2011
Howdy folks! I'm new here, but I've got a passion for the NookColor and making neat things to help make it cooler. Sometime in the next week, I'll have one sitting on my desk. I'd like to say that soon every one of you would be buying my stand, but more than likely you'll all just have to drool over the pictures I'll post of it. Manufacturing tooling for this would be about $10k probably, so it's never going to happen.

Specs are as follows:

6" wide x 4" deep x 4" tall, open center to allow for the power cable, plastic base with overmolded rubber padding, rubber non-skid bottom. Weighs a little over 1lb, so it's going to be nice and sturdy. It also has storage for the cable and a USB MicroSD reader.

Anywho, here is my NookColor stand..

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My next project is to design an ultra-thin MicroSD wallet that'll fit into the pocket of my case without making a buldge and securely hold 5 cards. It'll be no thicker than a typical SD card..
That's awesome. Good job

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Wait you are saying you made that?! Not just a render but a physical stand? That is so frigg'n awesome. Time to call China for the mass production.
Well, THAT is a render, but in a few days I'll have a print of the 3D model for my own use. I'd love to mass produce it, but without some serious financial backing, it'll be a one-off custom for my use only. The models cost about $150 to print, so I don't see anyone else buying one.
Check my other reply to you in the nook box stand thread. I think you could try the Design catagory and really have something. All I ask in return is a free stand once you go into production ;)
I'm filling out the form as we speak. Going to provide a link to this thread so they can see the image, so everyone say hi =)
Well Nookcolor owners, this is our chance to support a fellow board member if you like what you see. Given RaVenJ's stated background and features of the stand I think we have a really good reason to throw our support (and whatever else you can spare) behind him. Personally I have been looking for something of a night stand and I think this will fit the bill nicely as well as other uses.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the support J51. It's tough to get started in something like this, but it's even tougher to find the right idea. I think this is a pretty good one. I submitted my idea and it said they'd be in touch. Cross your finger!

The software is Solidworks, btw..

One thing I saw there was a plastic injection molding machine that a guy is trying to get funded. I need to get with that guy!
One thing I should mention is that, should this get off the ground, I would change that Nook logo to something else because BN would sue me. It has another one on the back that acts like a handle.
Thought I'd also share my MicroSD card holder/wallet thingermabob.. It'll hold 4 cards, and when they're inserted, they'll lock each other in place. The light grey things are just place holders to keep the holes from collapsing during printing.. The real cards will go all the way to the middle and have a 0.068" gap between them. So, if you have all 4 in, you can't lose one. The holder will be made of rubber, so you just flex it in the middle to remove a card. This item is printing as I type this.. Gnarly!


The intent of this design is that it will fit in the pocket of my Nook case without making a big lump. This item is 0.100" thick overall, so it's barely thicker than a standard SD card (0.085")
The model is printed and it works perfectly. Here is a super extra blurry cell pic of it holding two cards. They're the furry looking black blurs at the top. Yeah, I'll take a better pic of it when I get to my Rebel.. The cards actually touch each other, which isn't what I'd planned but it works to keep them firmly locked in place. I ended up making it out of a harder plastic and using a living hinge in the middle of it. On the next revision, I'm going to emboss 1, 2, 3, and 4 on each slot, so you can keep track of which card is which.

Hey RaVenJ,
Have you heard of Kickstarter?
May be right up your alley.
Some of these projects get WAY over funded.

Imagine asking the community for $10,000...
Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand by Dan Provost — Kickstarter

Build it and they will come!

I'd buy it.

janster, yeap! I've submitted my entry form and been approved to post my project. I'm working on a pitch to put in the video, plus I'm getting the 3D model printed (today, maybe!)

That Glif makes me mad, because I thought of that about a year ago! GRRR!!!!!!! heheheh Good for them though. Nothing like seeing someone with a dream get to realize their passion.